There's really no reason why any living thing should be fighting with food, but when it comes to cats and banana peels or dogs and lemons, for example, things can get pretty heated.

Thankfully, some pet owners have found the time to upload videos to YouTube featuring their cats and dogs fighting with their food. Sometimes it's dramatic, like the kitten vs. two apples. Sometimes it's just confusing, like the cat that's terrified of a lemon. And sometimes it's juts amusing, like pretty much all of the 13 videos below.

So continue your hopefully lazy Sunday with the 13 animal vs. food battles below and vote for the funniest ones. And if you're not having a lazy Sunday, you'd better get on that.

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  • Cat vs. Cake

    "Give me this cake!"

  • Cat vs. Banana

    A boxer is born.

  • Cat vs. 2 Apples

    The music + the manic cat = perfection.

  • Dog vs. Apple

    Warning: this gets super loud, very fast.

  • Dog vs. Lemon

    He's worried he might have scurvy, so he needs to catch the lemon.

  • Cat vs. Fruit Loop

    That rug makes it really hard to keep track of the one fruit loop.

  • Cat vs. Lemon

    This cat is disgusted!

  • Dog vs. Banana

    "What can I say? I know what I like."

  • Dog vs. Pepsi

    Pepsi isn't technically a food... but it's also not technically a fortress.

  • Dog vs. Cake Box

    "I'll start my diet tomorrow!"

  • Dog vs. Pretzel

    "How did they make this shape?"

  • Dog vs. Squash

    "Let me at it! Let me at it!"

  • Dog vs. Lime

    "OMG a delicious treat.... WHAT IS THIS?"

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