Jipsy's Front Row View, Saturday: Swim Soirees, Seat-Stealers, And Danny Santiago (PHOTOS)

07/22/2012 12:03 pm ET | Updated Sep 21, 2012

Okay, day three and the only thing I know is that I am not pacing myself. Ending up at Rokbar to see my homegirl Roxy Cottontail perform was not the plan. Appropriately her and her hype girls' performance outfits were bathing suits, and the party was on its way and I had to head home because I needed to.

A few hours earlier, we started the day at the Swim Soiree with Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care and Ocean Drive. This poolside party was filled with guests sitting around the pool and getting lathered up in Hawaiian Tropic goodies and sipping light cocktails, all listening to the sounds of the DJ Johnny The Boy, who told us about his selection: "The event is like four hours, so I started with good disco, a tropical vibe. And slowly as the party progresses, I am taking it up a notch". Fun photo booths, plenty of sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic and a fashion show presentation: this was a hot fashion party.

The Kooey Australia penthouse presentation was nice. But I arrived a little late, caught a few looks and headed off to the next show, for Caffe Swimwear, inside the tents. Someone took my seat and my gift bag. But again, this is what happens when I show up late. Thankfully, they found me a seat up front and away we started to tweet. At that show, the love of cover-ups raised obsession.

After the Caffe show, I asked designer Paula Saavedra what she planned to now that the show is over -- and she'll continue to work! "After this I am off to the trade shows till Wednesday," she said. "Then I have plans to head back home to Colombia where I will finally rest, but only for a bit."

In between shows, the best part is picking up swag like a pair of MIA espadrilles and bag and some TRESemme hair products. There are other goodies, but in between the shows you only have so much time and the way the seats are being taken, I couldn't lose mine.

The second to last show I was invited to I enjoyed from backstage. The Lycra XtraLife team invited me, but there was something about these models wearing palm leaves on their heads, huge jewelry pieces and fur... this had to be Danny Santiago. And it was, so I stayed.

Final show was CIA Maritma. I loved the coverups and a couple of the pieces caught my attention. Saw a lot of buyers and editors at front row, but no celebs to my knowledge. Thank you Benny Rosset for a wonderful swimwear collection.
Today I will take it easier because there are two more days and day four is about to start and it's raining. But what is a swim show without a little rain in the middle of July in Miami? -- Jipsy

Jipsy At Swim Week 2013: Saturday

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