BOSTON -- A Pentecostal church pastor says he is thankful to be home in Massachusetts after he and another churchgoer were abducted in Egypt then released unharmed last week.

The Rev. Michel Louis gathered with about 1,500 family and friends at Jubilee Christian Church in the Boston Mattapan neighborhood on Sunday. Speaking in his native Creole, Louis said he was treated fairly by his captor, and even served a traditional hot tea. He said when the gunman entered the bus and threatened to take 39-year-old Lissa Alphonse of Everett, he told the man to take him instead.

But the kidnapper, Jirmy Abu-Masuh, took them both and a tour guide. Abu-Masuh demanded his uncle be released. He released all three captives after he was promised that authorities were working on his relative's release.

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