07/23/2012 01:11 pm ET

'Brickleberry' Preview: Daniel Tosh Animated Series Clip Is Almost All Animal Humping (VIDEO)

In the wake of comedian Daniel Tosh's rape joke controversy earlier this month, it was reported that he was working fast to edit similar jokes out of the pilot for his new animated series, "Brickleberry" before it premiered at Comic-Con.

While Tosh may have made the necessary edits, a new preview clip shows that rape jokes might have been the only thing that was considered "off limits." A plethora of forest animals doin' it -- quite consensually, it seems -- makes up most of the clip. Tosh has also previewed shorter snippets of "Brickleberry" on his show "Tosh.0," most of which contain the same kind of raunchy humor.

"Brickleberry" premieres on Comedy Central this fall. Tosh, who serves as Executive Producer, also voices a bear character named Molloy. According to Inquisitr, his was the character who was comically "raped" in the original pilot.

While Tosh wasn't present at the show's Comic-Con premiere, co-creator Waco O’Guin, who did not comment on the edits made to the pilot, said that Tosh's recent controversy is not likely to impact the success or failure of the show.


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