07/23/2012 05:05 pm ET

Fred Willard Proclaims Innocence On Twitter: 'Wait 'Til You Hear My Version'

Sure, none of us ever wanted to imagine Fred Willard pleasuring himself in an adult theater, but he allegedly committed a lewd enough act to get arrested in one last week.

Even so, most of the comedy community rallied around the "Mighty Wind" star, pointing out that what he's accused of doing is exactly what you're supposed to do in an adult theater.

But this afternoon on Twitter, Willard said "I don't think so!" in a post on Twitter.

Willard has been offered a deal to undergo sex counseling to avoid formal charges for lewd conduct.

Previously, Willard had told TMZ that the episode is a "misunderstanding," and the act he's accused of "didn't happen." This didn't stop PBS from firing him as the host of "Market Warriors" almost instantly, saying that keeping him on would have been a "distraction."

The last time a public broadcasting outlet swiftly fired a host before all the details were known, they were roundly criticized. Of course, the Juan Williams' saga included significantly less alleged masturbation.

Willard is booked to appear on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" this Thursday, so hopefully we'll find out what really happened then.


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