'Onion': CEO Demands Web Videos, Goes Berserk (NSFW VIDEO)

07/23/2012 03:10 pm ET | Updated Jul 23, 2012

Warning: A decent amount of fake blood was used in this video, which may render it a little too intense for some viewers.

Over at The Onion, a top executive has a frothing obsession with web video -- and doesn't care about the bloody sacrifices that must be made to appease the gods of new Internet strategies.

In this new sketch that will surely resonate with plenty, a fictional company's CEO goes on a violent rampage as his obsession with web videos gets the best of him. Any employee who's ever been told by superiors to "make a viral video" or to develop a zero-sum social media strategy for their company will immediately identify with the horrified office workers, as their boss tears off his shirt and beats his underlings with a golf club while screaming about the importance of streaming video.

"We need more videos! Videos with bands! Videos with cold places! Videos with celebrities!" the CEO bellows maniacally. "We need a video with a celebrity, I don't give a shit which one!"

In light of The Onion's shifting focus to video over the last few years -- including a new YouTube outpost that doesn't focus on satirical news -- there's no way that this video is a meta-statement. No, sir.

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