"Hobbit" fans, you're in luck. Since Peter Jackson knows that not every fan could make it to San Diego for Comic-Con, the director's latest "Hobbit" production video features footage from inside Hall H, shot by Jackson himself.

Here are a few things we learned from watching Jackson's latest "Hobbit" production diary:

  • Peter Jackson is just as excited to see you as you are to see him. "Nobody is going to stop me from shooting with my iPhone."
  • Elijah Wood is still adorable.
  • Sir Ian McKellen is still the best. Just ask Graham McTavish (Dwalin). "Ian came onto the set for the first time, and you look at him, and you go, "My God. That's Gandalf."
  • Radagast the Brown, played by scene-stealer Sylvester McCoy, will have a significantly expanded role in "The Hobbit."
  • Although we're finally introduced to the Great Goblin -- voiced by Barry Humphries -- we still have no idea what Jackson's Goblin king will look like.
  • Legolas (Orlando Bloom) is still the finest elf in the Woodland Realm.
  • The crew of "The Hobbit" went through approximately 450 miles of Yak hair during the production.
  • What happens on "The Hobbit," stays on "The Hobbit." (Optional rule: You don't talk about "The Hobbit.")

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" arrives in theaters this December, with "The Hobbit: There and Back Again" following in December 2013.

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    Fourth video diary for The Hobbit from Peter Jackson. You get more of a look at some of the aesthetics, the work put into creating a 3D movie, and a sneak peak at the actors themselves working. Thank you to everyone for being so great! I will always have these out to you as soon as they're available. And as you know, for disclaimer purposes, I own absolutely none of this. Just trying to share Peter Jackson's brilliance for the masses.

  • THE HOBBIT, Production Video #5 [HD]

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    Continuation of location shooting, now for THE HOBBIT: PART 2. New Zealand is as gorgeous as ever, even with her somewhat temperamental weather. We get to see more of the actors in action, in costume. A little bit of the life on set. And of course interviews from the cast and crew, including the normally elusive Martin Freeman, Mr. Bilbo Baggins himself. Tumblr link: crieffandcrowley.tumblr.com Side note: I get CONSTANT inquires for when the next Hobbit production video will be uploaded, my favourite being, "why are you waiting so long to put up the next video?" To be clear: I am NOT Peter Jackson. I don't make these videos! The very thought makes me laugh senslessly. I upload them as Peter Jackson sends them out, which he does every few months or so. I can't rush him; I have absolutely no control in the matter. Keep in mind too that you need to allow them time to film in between production diaries and to gather new material for there to even BE a new video worth watching! That being said, cheers, and I'll see you when the next one comes around.

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    Seventh behind-the-scenes video diary for The Hobbit from Peter Jackson

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