07/23/2012 09:30 am ET

Tricycle Stolen From Melanie, Who Has Cerebral Palsy And Relies On The Ride

A Virginia family is looking for answers today after a thief stole a tricycle from their daughter, who has special needs.

The trike was customized to fit the needs of 12-year-old Melanie, who has cerebral palsy and uses the wheels for balance, reported.

"She's very sweet," said Melanie's mother, who told the station she didn't want to be named. "She loved to ride the bicycle."

Cerebral palsy limits Melanie's speech, mobility and balance, so her mother saved up $300 for the custom three-wheeler allowing the girl to ride with other children.

But on Friday night, the trike was stolen from their gated back yard in Virginia Beach.

"I feel so angry, so mad, you know," Melanie's mom told the station. "I want to see the people who stole the bike and say 'Why did you do it? Why didn't you come over and ask me, if you need $5?' I can do it. Don't come take my daughter's bike."

That thief isn't the only heartless thug on the loose.

In June, a Pennsylvania perp stole an SUV with a baby inside while mom unloaded groceries. When he realized he had unwanted cargo, the thief ditched the vehicle -- but stole the 1-year-old baby's gold earrings.