07/24/2012 04:43 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2012

Kenny Loggins And The Blue Sky Riders Perform 'Dream' (VIDEO)

Our own Huff/Post50 bloggers Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr of the Blue Sky Riders made an appearance on "Good Day New York" Tuesday morning as a part of their summer tour.

The group performed their single "Dream": a poignant choice since it was one of the earliest songs the three wrote together. "Dream" was written as a response to nay-sayers who thought Loggins, Middleman and Burr were "too old to start over."

"It keeps the juice going, you know, it keeps you feeling vital and alive," Loggins said of his decision to embark on a new adventure with the Blue Sky Riders despite an already well-established legacy of hit songs such as "Footloose." "For me, anyway, I know I have to be creative to feel good. And I wanted to get back into the heat of building a new act and writing new music."

And it's exactly that drive to keep working that has allowed Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders to keep doing what they love: the reason his voice still sounds so great is that "I've always worked, I've kept working, so [my voice] never atrophies," Loggins said.

Check out the video above to watch Kenny Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders perform "Dream."