Just last week, Miley Cyrus made an appearance in her brother Trace's video for his Ashland High song “Sippin’ On Sunshine." And in June, Mischa Barton stripped down to her skivvies for Noel Gallagher's "Everybody's on the Run," Shia LaBeouf went full-frontal for Sigur Rós' “Fjögur Píanó” and Daniel Radcliffe lip-synched in a Hawaiian shirt to Slow Club's "Beginners."

What other celebs have made cameos in music videos? Take a look through our gallery and find out!

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  • Mischa Barton

    Noel Gallagher, "Everybody's On the Run"

  • Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove

    Best Coast, "Our Deal" (directed by Drew Barrymore)

  • Daniel Radcliffe

    Slow Club, "Beginners"

  • Christina Hendricks

    Broken Bells, "The Ghost Inside"

  • Shia LaBeouf

    Sigur Rós, "Fjögur Píanó"

  • Kristen Stewart

    Marcus Foster, "I Was Broken"

  • Megan Fox

    Eminem featuring Rihanna, "Love the Way You Lie"

  • Alicia Silverstone

    Aerosmith, "Amazing"

  • Alicia Silverstone

    Aerosmith, "Cryin'"

  • Alicia Silverstone, Liv Tyler

    Aerosmith, "Crazy"

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

    LFO, "Girl on TV"

  • Scarlett Johansson

    Justin Timberlake, "What Goes Around ... Comes Around"

  • Charlize Theron

    Brandon Flowers, "Crossfire"

  • Elisha Cuthbert

    Weezer, "Perfect Situation"

  • Kate Moss

    The White Stripes, "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself"

  • Evan Rachel Wood

    Green Day, "Wake Me up When September Ends"

  • Pamela Anderson

    Kanye West, "Touch the Sky"

  • Pamela Anderson

    Lit, "Miserable"

  • Mila Kunis

    Aerosmith, "Jaded"

  • Robin Williams

    Cobra Starship, "You Make Me Feel"

  • Leighton Meester

    Cobra Starship, "Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Robert Downey Jr.

    Elton John, "I Want Love"

  • Christopher Walken

    Fatboy Slim, "Weapon of Choice"

  • Zach Galifianakis

    Fiona Apple, "Not About Love"