07/24/2012 06:16 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2012

Instaglasses: Instagram Sunglasses Filter Your Life

Some people are such huge Instagram fans, they probably dream of seeing the whole world through "Kelvin" or "Hudson" filters. Thanks to German designer Markus Gerke's new concept Instagram sunglasses, that dream of old-school-tinted vision may soon be a reality.

Gerke's Instaglasses would also allow you to actually snap an Instagram photo, activating a 5 megapixel camera by pressing a button in the middle of the glasses. Complete with WiFi, the sunglasses would then give you the option to post the photo directly to your Instagram account, bypassing your smartphone. For your next shot, you could switch Instagram filters by swiping the lenses with your fingers.

Though Gerke's glasses are still in the concept stage, Instagram themed products and businesses have proven to be popular. You can check out some of these Instagram themed products, including pillows or magnets made from your photos, in the slideshow below.

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