Joe Scarborough Praises New Obama Ad: His 'Brand Is Hope And Change' (VIDEO)

07/24/2012 11:56 am ET

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Joe Scarborough offered some affirming words about President Obama's new ad on Tuesday's "Morning Joe."

The spot, which was released on Monday, is the first time that Obama has spoken directly to the camera during the 2012 election. It features Obama offering voters "a choice" between Mitt Romney's vision for the country and his own.

On Tuesday, Scarborough said that he has long criticized Obama for attacking Bain and Romney's wealth. He praised this new ad for its change in tone, saying that it showed the candidate in his best form.

"Barack Obama coming out and showing the Barack Obama that excited so many people in 2008 and won over independent voters — that's the guy, right there," Scarborough remarked. "'Forward,' that's the message."

He also criticized Obama's campaign, who he alleged "have so bungled his brand" up until now. "Barack Obama's brand is hope and change," Scarborough said.

After contributor John Heilemann called the ad "seminal," Scarborough continued to praise the shift in strategy.
"I loved just as an observer what he said at the end, which is something about the smallness of these campaigns, that these campaigns can be small," he said.

He added that he did not agree with everything Obama said in the commercial, but believed that independent voters would "stop and listen" to the spot.

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