"Siri, what's my day look like?" asks a man with a New York accent.

First Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson showed us how they would use Siri (somewhat unrealistically). Now Martin Scorsese joins the list of celebrity actors who have advertised Apple's voice command feature on the iPhone.

"How's the traffic headed downtown?" Scorsese says into the phone. Ironically, the Taxi Driver director sits as a passenger in one of New York's iconic yellow cabs. When Siri shows him his route, he exclaims, "Oh, it's terrible! Terrible. Driver, driver. Cut across, cut across; we'll never make it downtown this way."

"I like you, Siri," he says at the end of the spot. "You're going places."

The Verge suspects this traffic update is advertising the unreleased iOS 6 new traffic feature, which will supply users with real-time information. Scorsese also highlights several other features by changing his schedule and using GPS to locate one of his contacts via Siri.

The iOS 6 system is expected to be released fall of 2012.

According to Mashable, Scorsese is the fifth celebrity to promote Apple's voice recognition feature. When John Malkovich's Siri commercial was released this May, HuffPost's Jason Gilbert noted that "These new Siri commercials represent somewhat of a shift for Apple, which hasn't really used celebrities in its television advertisements for years." He also mentions these ads have scored highly with viewers.

But not everyone is a fan. TechCrunch has blasted the series of Siri commercials, stating that "Never mind what Scorsese says at the end of this commercial, even with the upgrades coming with iOS 6, Siri is not going places."

Do you like Apple's new commercial? Does it promote Siri accurately? Check it out (above), then watch HuffPost Tech's video (below) testing Siri's responses. Let us know what you think in the comments section or tweet us ( @HuffPostTech).

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  • Status Bar Color Change

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  • Share Screen Icons

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