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Democrat Mazie Hirono Endorsed By Republican Don Young For Hawaii Senate

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Does cloyingly cute bipartisanship work in Senate contests?

The campaign of Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) thinks so, and it has rolled out a 90-second ad featuring Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young (of bridge to nowhere fame) endorsing Hirono in her Senate contest against former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle.

The spot features companionable ribbing from Young about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi being "one stubborn ..." before being gently cut off by Hirono.

The two apparently bonded over their work for Native American populations in their states, and have an odd chemistry in the bit.

Young concludes the on-camera part by declaring: "Here's what's important. Hawaii, if you're looking for a United States senator who doesn't just talk about 'bipartisanship,' but actually knows how to work with both Republicans and Democrats to get things done -- Mazie Hirono will be that senator."

The ad then spends 30 seconds descending into aging, affectionate quarreling couple territory.

"Don, sometimes you really are a handful," Hirono says.

It is unclear whether Young's endorsement will help Hirono, as she faces former Rep. Ed Case in a tight race to decide which Hawaiian Democrat will face Lingle for the open Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka. The latest Civil Beat Poll of Hawaiian voters conducted in June shows Hirono and Case neck-and-neck at 46 percent.

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