Rebecca Black Album Almost Complete, Singer Says She'll Make Viral Videos 'Until The Day I Die'

07/24/2012 09:00 am ET | Updated Jul 24, 2012
  • Kia Makarechi Senior Editor for Mobile and Innovations, The Huffington Post

Is it "Friday" yet? Rebecca Black, the teen behind the most viral music video in recent memory, recently told Billboard that she's almost done with her debut album.

Among her inspirations for the new disc are Ed Sheeran (who she "LOVES"), Rihanna (Black also loves her) and The Black Keys ("They are a little bit more alternative; they're not really on the radio but I love them"). Though she clearly appreciates a wide range of musical genres, Black says none of these artists appear on her album.

"Since it's my first album, we're really just starting off and getting the base but maybe next time," she said.

When she's not making music, it turns out Black can be spotted snapping some photos. "Photography is like my favorite thing ever," the 15-year-old told the magazine.

But can we expect more videos from Ms. Black? "For sure," she said. "For sure. Until the day I die. Until the day I die." What a Rebecca Black thing to say!

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