Joining the ranks of the San Francisco Police Department and the Gay Men's Chorus, San Francisco General Hospital released an "It Gets Better" video on Tuesday, adding its contribution to The Trevor Project, a global suicide prevention campaign for LGBTQ youth.

The 11-minute video features doctors, nurses, directors, surgeons, specialists, psychologists and social workers telling their stories of growing up gay and remembering the most challenging moments of their lives.


"There were a lot of times in my youth where I felt like things were too difficult and there wasn't any hope and there wasn't enough space for me in this world," recalled one nurse. "I just want to let you know that we need you and there is a place for you in this world. It's bigger than you think, and it gets better."

Some speakers detailed painful experiences with family rejection. The video noted that LGBT teens rejected by their families are eight times more likely to attempt suicide.

"I began to understand that I was gay and I hated it. Without going into specifics of what my parents said, it was not pretty," remembered a psychiatrist. "I think the only thing that kept us even talking was that we all wanted me to change. I wanted to change. They wanted me to change."

But as the video unfolded, speakers detailed the evolutions of their experiences, vowing that it did indeed get better. For some, that meant letting go of unsupportive family members.

"Moving out actually made it better," recalled one speaker.

"I reached out to people who I knew would love me for who I was," said another who transitioned from female to male during medical school.

For others, that meant forgiving those who were eventually supportive.

"My parents, I think in their minds they've completely forgotten that they were ever opposed to this process and they are pro-gay and pro-gay marriage now," remembered the psychiatrist who had experienced years of conversion therapy as a child.

"No matter who you are, no matter where you come from," said one nurse. "It gets better."

Watch San Francisco General Hospital's "It Gets Better" video above. Then take a look at some of the very best "It Gets Better" videos below:

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