07/24/2012 01:39 pm ET

Stephen Colbert's Ode To Shepard Smith: 'He's Like A Combination Of Murrow, Cronkite, And Gary Busey' (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert took a moment on Monday's "Colbert Report" to heavily praise Shepard Smith, saying that the Fox News host was a "special unicorn" that stood out amongst the network's "exotic Noah's ark of white people."

Colbert noted Smith's unique broadcasting style, highlighting his analysis of presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's "mom jeans."

During the Republican primary race, Fox News' chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reported from a Romney campaign stop on Smith's show. Smith responded to Cameron's report by way of fashion critique. "I'm not hating on it. I'm just observing it, cause that's what we do. We're journalsits and we observe," Smith said to Carmeron. "I observe that Mitt Romney is wearing mom jeans. That's all."

Colbert praised Smith for being "the only one on Dungaree-gate," and said that his "take no pleats approach" has made him admired across the news industry.

"He's like a combination of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and Gary Busey," Colbert said. "I love Shep's show because he's pushing the envelope. It's like Fox is a band and he's the trumpet player who got bored, and decided to play out of rhythm and accidentally invented jazz."

Smith has become a fan favorite for taking about whatever he wants during newscasts. During a roundtable discussion about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Smith wondered if the famed cyclist was perhaps taking V, the infamous drug on HBO's "True Blood."

Smith also spent a considerable amount of time on his show detailing the mouth-watering menu from a luncheon he attended at the White House. "If you're a Republican and you hate this White House, fine. You're a Democrat and you hated the last White House? Fine. But the food there? You better stop it," Smith said.


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