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10 States Where You're Most Likely To Make Over $200,000: Report

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Flickr: gbrunett
Flickr: gbrunett

Want to make a lot of money? Go east, young man. And then a little north.

The U.S. states -- including Washington D.C. -- with the largest chunk of people making over $200,000 are mostly found in that section of the country, according to a recent report by the Tax Foundation. Indeed, of the top ten states in terms of high-wage earners, six lie in the northeast.

Surprisingly, not one of those top ten states voted Republican in the last presidential election. This means that more people in states like New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts will be paying higher taxes if Congress decides to go along with President Obama's plan to raise taxes on individuals making more than $200,000, CNNMoney reports.

At the bottom of the list are states like Idaho, West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi, all GOP strongholds. In fact, of the ten lowest ranked states, only three -- Indiana, Maine and New Mexico -- voted for the President in 2008.

Here are states where you are most likely to make over $200,000:

States Where You Are More Likley To Make Over $200,000
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