George Brownridge, Local Man, Thanked By Newspaper For 'Pleasing 15 Women For An Entire Day' (PHOTO)

07/25/2012 06:00 pm ET

George Brownridge must have some serious skills. Why else would a newspaper have printed the following statement, thanking him "for pleasing 15 women for an entire day!" The man even made these 15 women "exhausted and very satisfied." Good work, George!

(Photo Credit: NBC)

At some point, the newspaper's staff must have realized that people were interpreting the above clip in a sexual manner, because they issued a follow-up apologizing for the "inappropriate innuendos." Turns out that Mr. Brownridge was simply arranging a group shopping trip for the holidays -- not arranging multiple orgasms.

(Photo Credit: NBC)

These clips have been floating around the Internet for a couple of years now, but they're still just as funny as ever. Hopefully, for George Brownridge's sake, he knows how to please women for more reasons that just taking them on a "generous" holiday outing.

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