07/25/2012 11:25 am ET

Madison And Cassidy McHugh, Sisters, Save Drowning Grandfather (VIDEO)

Paul Kennedy was swimming with his two granddaughters in the pool at their new house in Pennsylvania when a slow heart rate caused him to faint in the water. When 11-year-old Cassidy McHugh saw him floating face-down, she immediately called for her older sister, 14-year-old Madison McHugh, who jumped into the pool, carried him across and pulled him out. That day, the two sisters became heroes.

After pulling her grandfather out of the pool, Madison then instructed her mother in performing CPR, Fox News reports.

"We did the whole thing about two times and then he started to cough up water," Madison told Fox News. "I was scared and my hands were shaking but I wouldn't let myself freak out."

Although Madison had never performed CPR, she had watched a video on it for a babysitting course she took with her Girl Scouts troop, and she was able to put that knowledge to use to save her grandfather. When the paramedics arrived minutes later, they said that the girls were probably the reason why he survived.

"I'm emotional... I still get emotional over what they all did," says Kennedy.

He is now is recovering and looking forward to visiting his granddaughters more this summer.

Earlier this month, 13-year-old John Koobatian heroically saved his family's elderly black lab from drowning in a local pond. And in June, Australian teen Sam Porter brought a drowning woman to safety, marking his third time saving a life in three years.

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