Patrick Connolly dreamed of seeing country singer Blake Shelton in concert. But when he arrived at the show on July 2, his seat in his wheelchair prevented him from seeing the stage. The day would have been a disappointment if two kind strangers hadn't stepped in to help. Together, they lifted Connolly for 20 minutes so he could see the show, despite the sweltering 100 degree heat.

Recently, Patrick's mother Cheryl Connolly talked to Fox News about what the experience meant for her family.

"Today in this world, you don't see that much heartfelt and kindness from strangers. I can't thank them enough for what that meant to our family, and especially to Patrick, to be able to see that," she said.

This spring, young concert-goers at a Lady Antebellum show also had their dreams come true. The band put on a benefit concert for a tornado-ravaged southern Indiana high school in May.

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