Reddit User Receives Anonymous Letter With Gift Card In Random Act Of Kindness (PHOTO)

07/25/2012 09:23 pm ET | Updated Jul 25, 2012

Imagine opening your mail to find an anonymous note with a card enclosed. It reads, 'I'm sure you are already wondering why you have received an anonymous letter with a Subway gift-card in it. Well, let me explain...'

This is the letter that Reddit user isl426 received on July 20, explaining that the sender, for their 32nd birthday, 'decided to do 32 random acts of kindness.' The note goes on to state that 'John 13:34 says that we should all love one another. I love my family and friends a lot but have never really considered loving a total stranger... something that I now realize I should really be doing all year long.' The post on Reddit was titled, simply, 'Faith in humanity = restored.'

The letter ends, 'If we all did one act of kindness every day... it might set the world in the right direction.'

The top comment on Reddit -- by user Ashimpto begins: 'I'm sure many will dislike since it seems religion was his (or her) incentive, but looking further, who cares?'

This is not the only random act of kindness associated with Reddit. A few months ago, users sent Scott Widak, who was terminally ill with liver disease, hundreds of letters of support.

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