Style Swap: Two HuffPost Editors, One 'Elegant' And The Other 'Teenager,' Trade Their Signature Looks (PHOTOS)

07/25/2012 06:39 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

This edition of Style Swap brings together two ladies who once worked in Arianna's office: Kerstin Picht Shamberg and Liz Perle. These buddies may share memories, but they don't share a style.

Kerstin, who's now the Huffington Post's social media editor, describes her style as "elegant but with a bit of subdued edge." She says she "wears skinny jeans like it's nobody's business." The stretchy comfort makes them a staple in her wardrobe, especially when paired with a pretty blouse and patterned scarf. She recently started adding in color to her previously neutral wardrobe, and has even ventured into the previously foreign territory of wearing shorts.

Liz, now the editor of HuffPost Teen, is, fittingly, "a teenager at heart." Her style went from zero to 60 when she took a job at Seventeen magazine with no fashion background, which she describes as "a defining moment" in the evolution of her wardrobe. Perle could pass as a teenager herself: She loves "Star Wars," headbands and ponytails. Her style may be youthful, but forget about pink. When it comes to bags, she would prefer a backpack -- if it were appropriate in life for someone who isn't in college.

Check out the girls as they switched styles below, and take a look at swaps we've done in the past here.

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