The London Olympics kick off Friday evening, and while we at HuffPost Celebrity are counting down the seconds till the big games, we'd like to see the roster of summer sports expanded so that some of our favorite stars would be eligible to compete.

Here are some of the events we're confident they could win:

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  • Pilates: Miley Cyrus

  • Walking In Platforms: Lady Gaga

  • Transporting Beer: Snooki

  • Zumba: Giuliana Rancic

  • Posing Awkwardly: Lea Michele

  • Falling: Snooki

  • Tweeting: Kim Kardashian

  • Tanning: Snooki

  • Jaw-Dropping: Taylor Swift

  • Parasailing: Rihanna

  • Yachting: Hayden Panettiere

  • Smizing: Tyra Banks

  • Deejaying: Will Smith

  • Phone Throwing: Russell Brand

  • Paparazzi Boxing: Alec Baldwin

  • Carrying A 6-Year-Old: Katie Holmes

  • Vespa Riding: Selena Gomez