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Levan Allman, Florida Man, Allegedly Stabs Friend While High On Cloud 9 So She Won't Eat Him

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Broward Sheriffs Office

A South Florida man, reportedly high on synthetic marijuana, told police he attacked his friend with a meat cleaver because the television told him she was going to eat him, according to a police report obtained by Local 10.

Police report that Levan Allman, 24, was smoking Cloud 9 with Divia Bell in the backyard of his Sunrise home on Saturday. When she fell asleep, Allman allegedly went inside to watch television before coming back outside with a butcher knife and stabbing Bell four or five times.

During the attack, according to the Sun Sentinel, Bell asked him, “Why are you doing this?,” which prompted Allman to call 911 and confess what he did. The attack left Bell with slashes on her head, arms and hands. She was taken to the hospital.

When police arrived, a smiling Allman told cops, “I’ve been smoking spice,” according to the police report.

Allman was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and violation of his parole. He is in jail on a $10,000 bond.

One June 25, Sunrise joined other South Florida cities banning synthetic pot and bath salts, another synthetic drug.

Synthetic drugs have gained notoriety after a police officer told the media that he believed Rudy Eugene, the man who attacked a sleeping homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway two months ago, was on bath salts.

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