07/26/2012 11:18 am ET | Updated Jul 26, 2012

The Killers, 'Runaways' Video: Brandon Flowers Has A Long Road Ahead Of Him (VIDEO)

The Killers have unveiled the video for their new single "Runaways," and it's everything that you remember a Killers video being, plus a few nods to Rock Band. Did you see that full combo?

"Runaways" premiered earlier this month and is the first single from the band's upcoming fourth studio album, Battle Born. In the video, frontman Brandon Flowers dons his signature leather jacket and stands still -- in space? -- as the ground beneath him speeds away. It's a simple yet effective visual for a song that starts off with piano chords and then catapults into a fist-pumping stadium anthem.

The Killers have yet to release the full tracklisting for the album, but the frontman has confirmed that "Heart Of A Girl," "Flesh And Bone" and "Carry Me Home" will be included. Flowers revealed to NME that the album is "going down a few different roads." Now, all of the road imagery in the video is starting to make sense!

“I had a good feeling about it,” Flowers told Billboard about the single. “When I heard that march that catapults the song forward, I knew there was something special about it.”

Battle Born hits shelves on Sept. 18.

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