Twitter Not Working? That's OK, You Can Just Tweet On Facebook

07/26/2012 01:56 pm ET

Following a Google Talk and Gchat outage this morning, Twitter went down for more than an hour.

It was Twitter's second major blackout this year. Just last month, a "cascaded bug" took the site down for hours.

So what did people do during the Twitter downtime? Many turned to Facebook, of course. A flurry of Facebook status updates began popping up that looked a lot like...tweets.

On the day of its first public earnings, Facebook was flooded with 140-character-or-less bursts like, "why twitter, whyyyyyyyy?" from Takiia Antonia Wilson, " in twitter jail or the 1st time...smh and i had something really important to tweet too!!!" from Heather Le'Anne Hunnicutt and "My twitter is having a problem. Not that I have something to tweet but I just need it working. ;)" from Lindo Mbathason.

That's just a small sample. Storify's Jeff Elder also noticed the trend and put together this Storify with more examples. Check it out (below), and tell us how you cope when Twitter's down.

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