They're scaling your garden wall, sneaking in through your window and climbing your kitchen cabinets. They're making themselves at home, eating your Doritos and forgetting to close the bag (eww stale Doritos!)

They're your pets, neighborhood critters and animals on the loose, but they also have some mad ninja skills.

Gates won't stop them! They'll break free or skip the barricade all together and continue wreaking havoc in your home, trying on your clothes and sitting on your children. Doors? Nope, they have cunning ways of getting past those.

There's no escape. You're at the mercy of these animal ninjas.

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  • Cabinet Climbing Dog

    Pshhh counters... they're just an elevated floor.

  • The Master Escape Artist

    Closed door? That won't stop this flexible feline.

  • Sneaky Squirrel

    Open windows are just an invitation to come in.

  • Ninja Grab

    He wants the raccoon... so he takes it.

  • Mission: Possible

    It's hard not to hum the "Mission Impossible" theme song while watching this video.

  • Deer Crossing

    Doggie door? More like anything-that-can-fit-through-this-tiny-opening door.

  • It's A Raid!

    Fridge doors be damned! That won't stop this determined pooch.

  • Cat Houdini

    Now you see me, now you don't.

  • Not-So-Welcome Mat

    In raccoon-speak, "welcome" means please come into my house and take my things.

  • He's Getting Closer

    Never turn your back... or else.

  • Lying In Wait

    Pop goes the Jack Russell Terrier.

  • Prepare For Attack

    This cat has got the ninja fighting pose down pact.

  • Dashing Dog

    Dog: "Wanna see how fast I can dart between these two rooms?"

(Image via Flickr)

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