With the overload of summer fruit in season, it's time to start thinking about making jams and jellies. You might play it safe with flavors like strawberry or blackberry, or maybe you like to get really creative with your flavors, making gooseberry ginger and rose petal apple. Either way, the only way your jam will only truly stand apart is if you give it beautiful labels and packaging. Click through the slideshow below for inspiration.

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  • All In One Color

    <strong>See the<a href="http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2010/07/printable-jar-labels.html?showComment=1280327795818" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> by How About Orange</strong> The fact that these labels mimic the color of the jam really makes a strong impact. We love this all-orange design.

  • Self-Referential Jam Labels

    <strong>See the <a href="http://fun.kyti.me/index.php/2011/05/homemade-jam-sweet-things-free-printable/" target="_hplink">jam jar packaging</a> by funkytime</strong> No need to write what's inside the jam jar when the tag clearly shows what's inside.

  • With A Spoon

    <strong>See the<a href="http://www.thisisloveforever.com/2010/01/jam-for-christmas.html" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> by This Is Love Forever</strong> Packaging a spoon with your homemade jam is a nice touch -- it means the person who you're gifting to can dig right in.

  • Labels With Little Helpers

    <strong>See the<a href="http://inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2011/05/almond-butter.html" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> at The Little Red House</strong> With these labels you can use the help of little hands and get a cute and simple packaging for your homemade jarred goodies.

  • String And Label

    <strong>See this<a href="http://alwayswithbutter.blogspot.com/2011/07/blueberry-preserves-blueberry-cupcakes.html" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> by Always With Butter</strong> A printed label and a little bit of string wrapped around it gives these simple jars a professional look.

  • Heart-Shaped Labels

    <strong>See the<a href="http://eatdrinkchic.com/post.cfm/diy-home-made-jam-packaging-free-labels" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> by Eat Drink Chic</strong> Nothing says you care like a jar of homemade jam or jelly with cute heart-shaped labels.

  • Topped With A Rich Fabric

    <strong>See the <a href="http://fireflygroupevents.com/blog/2009/09/26/diy-gift-gorgeous-homemade-raspberry-jam-pots/" target="_hplink">jam jar packaging</a> by Fog and Thistle</strong> Using deep, rich colors when packaging a jam of the same hues makes for an impressive package.

  • All Bundled Up

    <strong>See the<a href="http://www.100layercake.com/projects/view/12/17/blueberry-jam-favors/" target="_hplink"> jam jar packaging</a> by 100 Layer Cake</strong> Packaging the jar from top to bottom is a great way to add a design flair and wrap a gift at the same time.

  • Intricate Labels

    <strong>See the <a href="http://blondiescakes.blogspot.com/2010/09/watermelon-jam.html" target="_hplink">jam jar packaging</a> by Blondie's Cake</strong> Sometimes a simple, beautifully designed label is all you need to set your homemade jam apart from the rest.

  • WATCH: How To Make Gooseberry Jelly

    Julie stops by Nana Murphy's house to pick the gooseberries and make this sweet / tart jelly. For more like this visit: www.legourmet.tv Distributed by Tubemogul.