Jessica Alba and Narciso Rodriguez Don't Want Your Shoes to Make You Cry (PHOTOS)

07/27/2012 02:51 pm ET | Updated Jan 10, 2013

"He always makes me look good," actress Jessica Alba said of her friend, designer Narciso Rodriguez, at the re-launch of his shoe collection that she co-hosted with Barneys on Thursday afternoon.

"[Alba] always makes me look good," the designer quickly added, pointing to the black and white D'Orsay pumps Alba was wearing for the occasion.

The actress, Honest Company founder and mother of two isn't the only star who has a close bond with Rodriguez. The designer, who counts Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Michelle Obama amongst his supporters, pleased fans (both famous and not-so-famous) when he announced his return to accessory design after a five-year hiatus. And the display of Rodriguez's fall 2012 collection, which overlaps with the opening of Barneys' new co-ed shoe department on the fifth floor, is quite a triumphant return to footwear. Think of it as a look back to the brand's signature silhouette with pointy toes, multiple straps and, as always, a vertiginous heel. Apparently, this combination of aesthetic ingredients doesn't necessarily add up to a painful experience. At least not according to a red carpet professional like Alba: "They are comfortable," she said. "You can really live in them."

Although for Rodriguez it isn't exactly function-over-form, he does think about the woman wearing his shoes. "You shouldn't have to... cry when walking around in heels," the designer said.

Alba added, "Why put on a shoe that you have to take off in five minutes because they're destroying your feet and you're cramped? You want to wear your shoes all day, not just for five seconds."

While it's clear that Alba is sold on the collection, will his other famous fans follow? "She's a beautiful woman. I love dressing her," Rodriguez said as to whether or not we can expect Michelle Obama to sport a pair of his edgy heels. "She's got her very unique style, so it would be great."

And does Alba have anything in common with the first lady when it comes to style? "Narciso!" she exclaimed. "That's the first thing that comes to mind."

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Jessica Alba and Narciso Rodriguez at Barneys