So, the London 2012 Olympics are here. That means that over the next two weeks, millions of people, many of us less-than-sportif, will spend hours on our couches watching 11,000 extremely athletic people accomplish nearly superhuman physical feats.

By now, most of us on our couches have probably come to terms with the fact that we are not going to walk in an opening ceremony, much less win a medal, but was this always the case? Surely not. Admit it: There was some moment in your childhood when you were convinced, absolutely certain, of your precocious talent in some physical pursuit.

Prima ballerina? Future dive-for-the-baton-at-the-bottom-of-the-pool medalist? The fastest thing happening at your middle-school swim meets? The best clover-picking, day-dreaming deep, deep, possibly-across-state-lines right fielder there has ever been?

Now's your chance at glory. Click "Add a slide" (scroll down) to upload a photo of you as a kid on or in the court, field, stage, beam, pool, horse, track or boat. You can also email your photo to us at, along with a caption. We'll feature your almost Olympian moment -- which doesn't necessarily have to involve an actual Olympic sport -- in the slideshow below.

LOOK: HuffPost Women Staff And Readers' "Almost Olympic" Moments

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  • Jessica Samakow, Assistant Editor, HuffPost Parents - Gymnastics

    I was convinced I was headed to the Olympics, and I was actually pretty good. But then I broke my toe and my mom deemed the sport "too dangerous." I quit and she signed me up for singing lessons.

  • Lori Fradkin, Senior Lifestyle Editor - Bowling

    This is about as sporty as I got as a kid.

  • Margaret Wheeler Johnson, Editor, HuffPost Women

    I managed to survive two seasons of little league softball only by avoiding the ball as much as possible. I have no idea why I was voluntarily holding it here.