The London Olympics 2012 is officially underway and we're sure that during this year's events, we'll be watching many triumphant and emotional moments on TV that we won't forget.

But in honor of this year's Olympics, HuffPost TV took a look back at those moments in Olympics history that we still remember, many decades later.

From an injured Kerri Strug being carried to the podium in 1996 after her incredible fault to Michael Phelps securing a gold medal after winning by .01 of a second to Jesse Owens scoring four gold medals in 1936, take a look at 18 moments Olympics moments we watched on TV that still live on.

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  • Kerri Strug Carried To The Podium, 1996

    After falling during a landing, the 14-year-old Kerri Strug hobbled back to take another vault. She stuck the landing on one foot before falling down and scooting off the mat, but not before securing a 9.712 score and an American gold medal. Coach Bela Karolyi carried Strug, her foot in a soft cast, to the podium as she waved inspiringly to the crowd.

  • Derek Redmond Finishes Race With His Father's Help, 1992

    After battling previous injuries, Derek Redmond returned to the big stage in 1992. However, in the 400m semi-final, Redmond suffered a hamstring injury early in the race. To the world's amazement, he managed to complete a lap around the track, leaning on his father, who ran onto the track to support his son.

  • Michael Phelps Wins By .01 Of A Second

    In his journey to a record eight gold medals in one Olympics, Michael Phelps squeaked by Milorad Cavic to beat him in the 100m men's butterfly by .01 seconds after a mediocre start.

  • Muhammad Ali Lights Olympic Torch, 1996

    The 1996 Atlanta Opening Ceremony was unexpectedly emotional as sports icon Muhammad Ali surprised and inspired audiences by joining in in the torch-lighting ceremony after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

  • Usain Bolt Makes 100 m History, 2008

    Usain Bolt made history in Beijing in the men's 100 m race, finishing in 9.69 seconds. The iconic image of his premature celebration as he broke the world record is almost as famous as his historic accomplishment.

  • Nadia Comaneci's Perfect 10, 1976

    The first female gymnast to do so, Nadia Comaneci received a perfect score for her effort in the compulsory routine in 1976 at the world's biggest athletic stage.

  • Beijing Opening Ceremonies, 2008

    The 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies had everything from synchronized drummers to a sky-walker. It wowed audiences and ushered in the 2008 games in amazing fashion.

  • Bob Beamon Leaps 8.95 m, 1968

    At 22 years old, Bob Beamon's historical leap (8.95m or over 29 ft.) seemed impossible and remained in the record books for nearly 23 years. Beamon shattered the previous record, as no one had leapt over 28 feet before him.

  • Mary Lou Retton Vaults For A Perfect Score, 1984

    Mary Lou Retton nailed her vault and she knew it right away. The judges rewarded her with a rare 10.0 and then she did it again, earning a gold medal.

  • USSR Beats USA 51-50 In Last Seconds, 1972

    After celebrating its gold medal victory, the USA basketball team was shocked when the result was reversed in favor of the USSR, 51-50. After this controversial call, the USA team refused to receive their silver medals in an act of protest.

  • Miracle On Ice, 1980

    "Do you believe in miracles?" During the Cold War, the USA's inexperienced team went up against the USSR's stacked hockey squad. The USA team came away with a 4-3 victory that no one saw coming.

  • USA Basketball Team, 1992

    Known by some as the greatest team ever assembled, the USA basketball team was led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson, who had recently retired from basketball after being diagnosed with HIV. The "dream team" cruised through the Olympics, shutting down the opposition and winning by huge margins.

  • Jesse Owens Wins Four Gold Medals, 1936

    Jesse Owens crushed his competition winning gold in the 100 m, 200 m, 4 x 100 relay and long jump competitions. His long jump record stood for almost 25 years and his statements about his treatment in Germany and America shed light on problems of inequality in both countries.

  • Gardner Beats Karelin, 2000

    After upsetting the unbeatable Alexander Karelin (Karelin hadn't lost in 13 years), Rulon Gardner did a somersault, creating unforgettable television.

  • Greg Louganis Hits His Head But Goes On To Win Two Golds, 1988

    Greg Louganis' reverse 2 and 1/2-somersault pike in the preliminaries didn't go as expected when the young diver hit his head on the board. However, Louganis dove back in to win two gold medals.

  • Cathy Freeman Wins Gold In Sydney, 2000

    After taking home silver in the 1996 Olympics for the 400 m, Australia's first aboriginal athlete Cathy Freeman won gold in 2000, fittingly in Sydney, Australia.

  • Michael Johnson Wins 200 m and 400 m In Same Year, 1992

    Michael Johnson won the 200 m race in 1992...and the 400 m. Sporting gold shoes, Johnson became the first and only person to win gold in both events in the same year, amazing the world.

  • Olga Korbut Executes the Korbut Flip, 1972

    Olga Korbut performed the first "Korbut flip" (a backward flip on the beam) as far as anyone knows in the Olympics. After receiving a 9.8 for her routine, the crowd jeered at the judges with no success -- her score remained unchanged. However, Korbut's mark on the sport lasted long after her.

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