07/28/2012 12:25 pm ET

Wackiest Pet Names Awarded By VPI Pet Insurance (PHOTOS)

Get ready for an adorability overload.

VPI Pet Insurance has revealed its picks for the wackiest pet names in the country. The cat and canine that have been crowned? Pico de Gato and Chew Barka.

“We couldn’t help but notice how ‘Pico’ could easily be turned into ‘Pico de Gato,’” Caroline Rye, one of Pico de Gato's guardians, told VPI Pet Insurance. “[It sounds] similar to the zesty topping, pico de gallo, but obviously more aptly named since gato is Spanish for cat.”

VPi dug through its rolls of 485,000 insured pets to nominate 50 felines and 50 canines for the distinction of wackiest name, which were then voted on by the public.

Wacky Pet Names