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Greenland Glacier's Falling Ice Creates Enormous Wave (VIDEO)

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While glacier watching along Greenland's coast, this enormous wave might have been the last thing the group in the video above expected.

Video uploader Jens Møller writes, "The beautiful scenery was amazing." He notes, "nature doesn't care about anyone. That day almost became our last."

Despite the sudden rush of water, the boat was not swamped.

While the iceberg in this video isn't the first, or largest to calve from Greenland, the island is seeing significant changes. Recent satellite data shows that Greenland's surface ice has experienced unprecedented melting, reported HuffPost's Joanna Zelman. In less than a week, the percentage of melted ice sheet surface jumped from 40 to 97.

NASA's cryosphere program manager, Tom Wagner, credited the power of satellites for observing the melt and explained to HuffPost that, although this specific event may be part of a natural variation, "We have abundant evidence that Greenland is losing ice, probably because of global warming, and it's significantly contributing to sea level rise."

Dramatic change was also seen earlier this month when a giant iceberg broke off from one of Greenland's largest glaciers. NASA satellites observed the calving of a 46-square mile iceberg, which is about twice the size of Manhattan. Scientists had been watching a large crack in the Petermann Glacier for several years, reported AP.

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