Acheson Commons Development: Historic Berkeley Houses For Sale At $1 Each

07/30/2012 06:13 pm ET | Updated Jul 30, 2012

These days, a dollar can't buy you much.

Unless, of course, you're in the market for a historic brown-shingle house.

Two homes located in the heart of downtown Berkeley have been put on the market with an asking price of just $1.00 apiece.

The houses are located on the future site of the proposed Acheson Commons development, bordering University Avenue. As part of the process, developer Equity Residential is required to try to sell the properties before demolishing them.

A buyer would also be required to pay for the removal and relocation of the two homes by May 2013.

“The homes have to be moved before the groundbreaking on the new project which is expected to be next summer,” said Mark Rhoades, a spokesman for City Centric, which is handling the sale, told Berkeleyside. “They are structurally sound but will need all new plumbing and electricity as well as interiors.”

The Moore/Acheson House and the Baldwin/Acheson House, as the two properties are referred to, were built in 1905. Despite their age and original "Eastern Shingle/ First Bay Region Tradition" design, neither house is an official landmark or historic site.

The duplex and multi-residential property have been vacant for many years, but remain in good condition.

Tom White, a longtime Berkeley resident, is a potential buyer for the two Walnut Street homes, reported CBS. It seems White is no stranger to moving houses across the East Bay city.

Last February, he and Demitri Belser moved the "Cheney Cottage" from College Avenue to 62nd Street. They bought the home from UC Berkeley for $16.00 in 2009.

“The greenest building is the one that’s already built," White told CBS San Francisco. "If you’re taking all of that energy that was invested in cutting down those trees and building those homes, and you knock it all down in an afternoon and haul it all off to a transfer station, that’s an enormous amount of wasted energy.”