Jamie Oliver Movie: Will Ferrell On Shortlist To Star In Film Based On 'Food Revolution'

07/30/2012 01:27 pm ET

Jamie Oliver's quest to bring healthier school lunches to the children of Los Angeles might have been met with significant hurdles, but he inspired some of the right people -- his story is going to be adapted into a movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan Seacrest is co-producing the film (he also produced Oliver's "Food Revolution"). The Hollywood Reporter has more:

The story centers on a hot Los Angeles chef known for his popular gourmet food truck who gets into trouble and is sentenced to work at a school. The chef revamps the lunch program with a ragtag group of kids.

Will Ferrell and Sean William Scott are apparently on the short list to play Oliver.

Between this and the "Blood, Bones & Butter" adaptation, it seems like Hollywood sees a future in food films.

[via Eater]

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