07/30/2012 09:57 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

Jeff Koons To Appear On The Colbert Report On July 31, 2012 (PHOTOS)

Guess who is appearing on The Colbert Report tomorrow? We'll give you a clue. He loves inflatable pool toys, soft-core porn and Michael Jackson. If you guessed Jeff Koons than you should tune in to Colbert on July 31 to see the kitsch maestro go up against the television persona's patriotic machismo. We have a feeling Koons will get along splendidly with Colbert's caricatured personality, seeing as they both have a deep appreciation for wealth, fame and American glory.

Koons is having quite the summer, with two concurrent exhibitions showing in Germany's Schirn Kunsthalle and Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung Frankfurt. One honoring his painting and the other his sculpture work, the shows will place Koons' homages to pop life amongst classical busts, Egyptian tombs and other ancient objets d'art. In June, he even taught a second grade art class for non-profit organization Studio in a School, which brings visual arts to New York public schools. (We have a feeling Colbert might take him to task for forcing his "arty" views on young, unsuspecting public school students tomorrow evening.)

Koons is a contentious figure in contemporary art, pushing Warhol era fascination with the mundane into radical new heights with his enchantment with kitsch, capitalism and the banal. Many take issue with Koons' disregard for the deeper ideas in favor of a shiny surface, but his $23.6 million heart sculpture might be right up one-percent defender Colbert's alley. We always love the chance to hear art discussed outside the sometimes uber-insular art world, and are excited to see how Colbert tackles one of contemporary art's greatest giants.

As one of the few contemporary artists who has garnered enough fame to become a household name, Koons is no stranger to being interviewed by high-profile personas. Last year Pharrell Williams delved into his childhood inspirations and personal art collection in "Harper's Bazaar." However, the whole thing turned into a love fest and we are hoping Colbert will push Koons into a more unfamiliar territory.

Tune in tomorrow night to the Colbert Report at 11:30 pm EST on Comedy Central.

Jeff Koons two exhibitions, "The Painter" and "The Sculptor," will show at Schirn Kunsthalle and Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung Frankfurt in Germany until September 23, 2012. Check out a slideshow of his work on view below:

Jeff Koons


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