Newsweek Mitt Romney 'Wimp' Cover: 7 Worse Names He Could Have Been Called (PICTURES)

07/30/2012 07:43 pm ET | Updated Jul 31, 2012

Newsweek isn't afraid to call Republican presidential candidates wimps. No, sir -- just look at their newest issue, which publicly asks whether Romney is, indeed, a wimp.

But they did the same thing back in '87 to George H.W. Bush, and that guy won the election! Needless to say, Mitt Romney was unfazed by a playground taunt from a paper that may or may not cease printing physical issues.

Besides, there are plenty worse names that they could have leveled at the GOP candidate -- ones that might have caught his attention a little more while on his 2012 International Bloopers Tour. Here are our suggestions.

7 Worse Things Romney Could Be Called Than 'Wimp'
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