07/30/2012 07:38 am ET | Updated Jul 30, 2012

9 Random Acts Of Kindness: Reddit Users Discovering Goodness In Unexpected Places (QUOTES)

After Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor from New York, became the recipient of an unexpectedly large retirement gift last month, Reddit won our vote for second-favorite corner of the Internet for good news. This is our first, naturally.

Last week, the social news site pulled on our heartstrings again after user couscousmagoose asked fellow Redditors to share stories of "extreme acts of kindness."

A homeless man chased me down to return my monthly train ticket worth $163 that I dropped today. Has anyone else experienced random extreme acts of kindness from someone very unlikely?

Within 12 hours, over a thousand comments had poured in.

From tales of unexpected kindness to a discussion about the societal prejudice against the homeless, the ensuing conversation was both moving and uplifting.

For some of our favorite feel-good stories from the thread, click through this slideshow:

Unexpected Acts Of Kindness


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