07/30/2012 10:58 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

Sexiest Olympics Ever?

If aliens were to intercept media coverage of the upcoming Olympic games, they could easily get the impression that it’s a competition not in gymnastics, swimming, or track, but rather in sex.

When gay hookup app Grindr crashed this week, The Sun blamed it on the arrival of sex-crazed Olympians in London. For the past two weeks, news outlets have been creatively repackaging an ESPN article — in the yearly body issue, which features nude Olympians — about all the sexy times that are typically had in the Olympic Village. The past decade of Olympic games have brought feverish reports on the numbers of condoms supplied to athletes, trainers and officials — for example, 90,000 in Sydney; 100,000 in Salt Lake City, Beijing and Vancouver (where there were reports that more had to be shipped in); and 150,000 this year in London. The latest tally led the Daily Mail to speculate that it would be 
“the raunchiest games ever” in an article headlined, “The oh, oh, Ohhh-lympics!”

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