Dunkin' Donuts in South Korea wanted more people to drink its coffee. But it was a hard sell, with so many coffee places around. So the chain created a radio jingle and every time the ad would play on Seoul buses, a scent that smelled like fresh coffee would be sprayed (aka "flavor radio"). The idea was that when the bus would drop passengers off, they'd then go to the nearby Dunkin' Donuts for their morning cup of joe.

Apparently, it worked. Visits to stores near bus stops grew 16 percent and the chain saw a 29 percent increase in coffee sales during the campaign.

The lesson here pretty much seems to be that consumers are totally cool with being manipulated, especially if it smells good.


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  • Wasabi-Cheese and Seaweed-Cheese

    <strong>Where to get them: </strong>Singapore

 <strong>What it is:</strong> No official word on what exactly these creations are, but we imagine they're pretty self-explanatory. Wasabi paste or dried seaweed and cheese on a doughnut? Hmm...

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  • "Shake Shake" Munchkins

    <strong>Where to get them:</strong> China

 <strong>What it is:</strong> Basically, Dunkin’ has taken doughnut holes and treated them like savory beignets. They come in flavors like "spicy, roast, and pizza," and are supposedly a "sweet/savory treat."

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  • Kolache

    <strong>Where to get them: </strong>Texas <strong>

What it is:</strong> Obviously this doughnut isn’t technically from abroad, but we figured we might as well toss in one strange, regional menu item. In Texas, Dunkin’ Donuts serves kolaches, a treat often found in Czech bakeries. A typical kolache is a soft, sweet, yeasty roll filled with apricots, prunes, cheese, poppy seeds, or sausage. The Dunkin’ version uses a cheesy smoked sausage link, which may not be weird, but doesn’t usually come in a doughnut. Fill it with apricots and we’ve got another story.

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  • Kai Young

    <strong>Where to get them:</strong> Thailand

 <strong>What it is:</strong> Apparently, this flavor is very popular in Asia, although it doesn’t sound all that great. Dunkin’ takes a traditional glazed doughnut, adds dried, shredded chicken, and tops it off with Thai chile paste.

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  • Mochi Ring Doughnuts

    <strong>Where to get them: </strong>China, Korea, Thailand, Japan

 <strong>What it is:</strong> Mochi, or glutinous rice, is actually delicious and deserves more credit than its name implies. Plus, the doughnuts tear apart in adorable rounds and come in flavors like green tea, chocolate, banana, and mango.

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  • Fruity Paradise

    <strong>Where to get them:</strong> Thailand

 <strong>What it is:</strong> Pitched as "paradise in a doughnut," this fruity creation is a glazed doughnut with toasted almonds, whipped cream, cherries, kiwi, and pineapple.

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