07/31/2012 06:18 pm ET

John Stamos, Kristin Davis Haven't Watched Each Other's TV Shows (VIDEO)

John Stamos and Kristin Davis are co-starring opposite each other in Gore Vidal's Broadway play "The Best Man," but that doesn't mean they've watched the classic TV shows that made the other famous.

The duo appeared on "Good Afternoon America" on Tuesday, and things got slightly awkward when host Josh Elliott brought up "Full House" and "Sex And The City."

Stamos revealed he had just recently watched an episode of "Sex And The City" for the first time, but couldn't make it through. "You were naked in a sauna?" he quipped to Davis.

But Davis did him one worse, admitting that she'd never seen an episode of "Full House."

Elliott summed up horror of the TV-watching public, exclaiming, "I don't even know you people anymore!"

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