07/31/2012 05:59 pm ET | Updated Jul 31, 2012

Obama Ad Ties Mitt Romney To George W. Bush

President Barack Obama's reelection campaign released an ad Tuesday linking the presidency of George W. Bush to Mitt Romney.

"You watched ... and worried," says the ad's narrator. "Two wars. Tax cuts for millionaires. Debt piled up. And now we face a choice."

The ad then turns to Romney's candidacy. "Mitt Romney's plan. A new $250,000 tax cut for millionaires. Increase military spending. Adding trillions to the deficit."

The ad is airing in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Florida.

"Or President Obama's plan? A balanced approach. Four trillion in deficit reduction. Millionaires pay a little more," says the narrator.

Bush has said exactly twice that he supports Mitt Romney for president. Romney has largely avoided mentioning Bush, though he did praise him and his Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, for saving the economy when asked to explain why Obama did not deserve credit.

More voters ascribe blame for the sluggish economy to Bush than to Obama, contrary to a key Romney campaign theme.

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