07/31/2012 10:39 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Thong Underwear Are A Necessary Evil...So Here's 10 Pretty Pairs (PHOTOS)

Recently I was at an event with some prominent celebrities. I couldn't help but notice one woman, tall and elegant in her form-fitting dress -- except for the visible panty line caused by her full-coverage underwear.

It's understandable that some women avoid thongs at all costs. When I asked my mother for her take on the style she said in her Norwegian clip, "I hate them. I never wear a thong -- they end up inside your rump." Precisely.

People say that you get used to the feeling of wearing a thong. I disagree. I've been wearing the skimpy underwear for 12 years now and I still relish the moment when I get home after a day at work, when I can fling them into the laundry basket in exchange for a comfy pair of cotton granny panties. That said, I will always wear a thong if my look is at all clingy -- it's a small sacrifice to make.

Here, ten pairs of thong underpants to save you from visible panty lines.

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Every GIrl Should Own: Thong Underwear

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