In the wake of the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre, and in anticipation of the presidential election, gun control is a heated topic that celebrity photographer Tyler Shields -- who often features guns in his controversial A-list portraits -- isn't afraid to weigh in on.

"If there is a gun around, I want to be in control of it. That's for sure," Shields told The Huffington Post. "I feel like people should be able to have a gun if they want to, but at the same time, guns are not a toy; they are a very serious weapon."

Shields has put many of his subjects in front of or behind guns, photographing the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Alex Pettyfer, Josh Hutcherson and Hayden Panettiere with the hot-button prop.

"To say no one should be able to have a gun, I don't agree with and it's not really the gun you have to worry about. It's the bullets; nobody worries about the bullets," continues Shields, Francesca Eastwood's boyfriend and a regular on "Mrs. Eastwood & Company." "They only worry about the gun. It is very easy to get bullets."

Tyler isn't the only celebrity to talk gun control in the wake of the Aurora tragedy that left 12 dead and 59 injured after gunman James Holmes opened fire on a movie theater audience during the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises."

"The right to bear arms was referring to muskets. Maybe it's time to re-think our gun policy on this day of slaughter in Colorado," Susan Sarandon tweeted.

Chris Daughtry tweeted: "Stricter gun laws will not stop SICK people from getting access to guns...Laws & rules are not in the forefront of the mind of a criminal."

And Cory Monteith weighed in, tweeting, "Guns don't kill people, people do etc.. but until we can fix society somehow you probably shouldn't be able to buy AR-15's at a fishing shop."

Check out Shields' gun shots below:

tyler shields gun control

tyler shields gun control

tyler shields gun control

tyler shields gun control

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