Each month, HuffPost LA joins our friends at Tasting Table to highlight our five favorite finds from the city's sprawling culinary scene. After eating around the city, here’s what caught Tasting Table Los Angeles editor Willy Blackmore’s eye in July.

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  • Sprinkles Ice Cream

    It's not just the clientele here, the youth of Beverly Hills, which will make you feel like you're a kid on summer vacation again. Rather, it's the inner-child-endearing ice cream flavors like Cap n' Crunch that will take you back. And if sugary breakfast cereal doesn't do the trick, eating your scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two cupcake tops certainly will.

  • Sides Hardware & Shoes

    A trip to Santa Barbara wine country is an ideal summer weekend escape, and this new Los Olivos restaurant should be the first place on your vacation itinerary. A hearty lunch comprising the wonderfully smoky bacon burger or a mammoth fried pork cutlet sandwich is a necessary part of prepping for the afternoon's wine tasting.

  • Burger Buns

    July was burger month at Tasting Table, and our editors looked at the best hamburger-related goods in the country. In Los Angeles, Farmshop's brioche burger buns were the discovery that led to DIY burger excellence in our backyard. Soft and buttery, these are the buns your custom-spiced burger blend deserves.

  • Soba Noodles

    Some summer days just aren't conducive to cooking, and when such weather strikes, a cool meal is a perfect respite. Sonoko Sakai's fresh soba noodles, sold at Cookbook in Echo Park, are one of our favorites. The delicate strands, made predominately of buckwheat flour, may have been difficult to make, but they're easy to cook: Dip them in boiling water for sixty seconds, then shock them in an ice bath and your noodles are ready to be served.

  • Bow & Truss

    The light, salty flavor of sherry is inherently beachy, and the tall, ice-packed glass of a swizzle cocktail smacks of summer. At Bow & Truss, a new Spanish restaurant in North Hollywood, these warm-weather drinking experiences come together in an ideal summer drink called the Dolores Park Swizzle, made with añejo tequila, ginger, lime and <em>amontillado</em> sherry.