Louis C.K. Is Sorry For Everything: The 'Louie' Supercut (VIDEO)

08/02/2012 02:56 pm ET

The real-life Louis C.K. should never have to apologize for anything, whether it's dissing Sarah Palin on Twitter, saying black people get to complain more or suggesting that a virgin Olympian make a sex tape on national telvision.

On the contrary, "Louie" apologizes almost constantly, and now there's a supercut to prove it. Slacktory's Bryan Menegus took all the times C.K. has apologized on his FX series and assembled them to hilarious effect.

Whether he's lunging in for a kiss from a less-than-enthusiastic date (or Joan Rivers), or making other people uncomfortable as he so frequently does, a big part of Louie's character involves frequently apologizing for just about everything.

It's cool, Louie. We forgive you.

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