This weekend, HuffPost Women readers celebrated the start of August by attending BlogHer 2012 (we were there, too!), skydiving, celebrating birthdays, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Just in case you forgot, the premise of "Best Weekend Ever" is that as much as we look forward to the weekend, it's also fun on a Monday to look back on the amazing couple of days you just had and appreciate that time.

Check out the photos below, and don't forget to take a snapshot of your favorite moment next weekend and send it to We'll feature it here on Monday in next week's Best Weekend Ever slideshow.

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  • Tammy

    Skydiving. Something fun.

  • Jane

    Found these awesome barstool legs at The Flamingo in Vegas!

  • Kamella

    Nature made water slide at the Franconia Falls in the White Mountains of NH.

  • Ryh-Ming

    Went to watch my friend in Bloc Party play at HARD Fest in Downtown LA on Friday night.

  • Steph D.

    This weekend we held the Grand Opening Party for Royale Hair Parlor in Bloomington, IN. This has been a dream for years and the evening was spectacular. Check us out at

  • Sherri

    My name is Sherri, and I represent a few emerging indie artists. On Friday, July 27, 2012, Inspirational Soul Artist Temika Moore opened for Sultry R&B Songstress Chanté Moore in her debut at The Howard Theatre.(The two ladies are not related :). Temika's photos were shot by V. Terraunce Photography. On Friday, August 3, 2012, Temika interviewed with Pepper on THE HOT PEPPER SHOW on KAZI 88.7FM in Austin, TX at 830PM (EST).

  • Marci

    Why yes, since you ask. Yes, I did do something fun this weekend. I attended the amazing BlogHer12 conference in NYC. More than 5,000 women (and a handful of men)...a live video address by President Barack Obama...keynotes featuring Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington, and Malaak Compton-Rock, great writing, great women, and so much more.

  • Rae

    After a week long of playing we (the 94 Tennessee Fury) made it to the final day of 18u ASA Nationals!!! Our girls played their hearts out all week and ended up in 3rd place out of 95 teams!!! What a blast the girls had as well as their coaches and all us parents cheering them on. Here they are with their 3rd place hardware!!! Go Fury!

  • Tretta

    NY trip this weekend.

  • Vivian

    Met my first granddaughter in AZ. This beauty is 5 days old...Paisley Jayne.

  • Nancy

    A lot of wine and great food at a pop-up event from Emerging Chefs Cleveland.

  • Emily

    I hosted an interactive launch party for Readymade Films in Nashville, with the evening closed out by a live performance and webcast of The Howling Brothers & Young Hines.

  • Marci

    Witnessed a final "Monsoon Season" storm and rainbow in Snowmass village Colorado before road tripping back to California in our VW bus with my husband, 2 cats, & 2 kids!

  • Sandra

    This weekend my hubby and I journeyed to Del Mar Horse Racing: Laugh, Fun, & Celebrate

  • Jessica

    I am in Costa Rica for a Spanish language and cultural immersion course through my graduate school (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology). I took a break this weekend with my group and we all went zip lining. I did about 12 different zip lines, including the Tarzan and Superman. The Tarzan was the scariest! They strap your waist to a free swinging rope attached to a tree, two men lift you off the ground and throw you down into the jungle where you swing back and forth. I was shaking and dazed when it was over but it was awesome. The Superman was where they strap you into a harness, face down, and they push you down a line, right into the abyss. You can't see the other side of the line until you get close. It was breathtaking! I felt like a bird flying over the jungle. And, YES, I would most definitely do it again... And again... AND again!

  • Vanessa

    Went to my first BlogHer this weekend and met amazing women and men. President Obama addressed us via satellite, Martha Stewart shared insight into media, Katie Couric impressed me with her views on how hard it is for women in this country compared to other developed countries, and just the overall fun!

  • Nadine

    I went to my 20 Class Reunion....I'm in the Middle Canyon High School Class of 1992 Canyon Country CA

  • Sandra

    This weekend, my hubby and I visited his hometown of Racine, WI. Attached is a picture of me in Lake Michigan (in Racine). I think that it is very obvious that this is my favorite place on earth. Besides its beauty, I just love to feel closer to my husband's family, particularly his mom, who passed away before we met. This place holds a dear place in my heart, and I look forward to every visit.

  • Becky

    This weekend I went skydiving for my 21st birthday! We flew over the Pacific and landed by the beach - it was the #BestWeekendEver

  • Amanda

    This is Lauren Thom (Of down in New Orleans celebrating Louis Armstrong's Birthday! It's satchmo festival this weekend in New Orleans! Happy Birthday Louis!

  • Laurie

    I am single and live in Minneapolis. Tonight, I took my two Newfoundlands to a Nordic Festival, "Kraftskiva", in celebration of the one year anniversary of a cool restaurant (Bachelor Farmer) in my neighborhood. The dogs loved the special yellow hats and fun crowd!

  • Sarah

    Most send in pictures of amazing trips, but there's no where else I'd rather be than at my godson's first birthday party as his parents visit from their army station of Ft. Hood, Texas. Happy birthday, Bentley!

  • Jessica

    Singapore 47th birthday, National Day Parade preview 2012 #MarinaBay #FloatingPlatform

  • Janet

    This is a picture of my 77 yr old mom carrying a 12 foot long piece of wood at the hardware store to hang pictures of her own photography on. The fun part was putting it into her compact car!

  • Lauren

    Biking at Ile de Boucherville in Longueuil, Qc with my husband made it the best weekend ever for me. After asking him to do something funny he pretended to fall down. Dont worry he is ok! We biked 20 kms this weekend!

  • Julie

    Did the Color Run this weekend!

  • Maria

    Clowning around in the hydroplane pits during Seafair, Seattle's biggest summer festival. Every year several hundred thousand people descend upon Genessee Park along the shores of Lake Washington to watch the hydroplane races and Blue Angels air shows. The weather was spectacular, with a high in the 90s. The rest of the day was spent getting foot massages, watching a movie and riding around on the back of a Harley. The BEST part? I didn't have to plan a thing and had the time of my life.