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'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Re-Visited As Anniversary Draws Near By HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

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It's been almost a year since the controversial repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- so what happens now?

That's the question asked on this great new segment from HuffPost Live. Joining us from across the nation for the intimate chat are Darrin Brunstad in Idaho, Sue Felton in New Jersey, Aharon Weintraub in Kentucky, Michael Holtz in Virginia and Tania Dunbar and her wife

"It's impossible to describe how your life can change overnight literally," Brunstad says. "The day before [the repeal] we were all still hiding. We knew it was coming, but we didn't really believe that it would actually happen."

He goes on to note, "I didn't realize until after repeal the worry that I had every time my husband went on base."

Find out what else Brunstad and others have to say in the video above.

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