With a POTUS as hip as ours (he has a Tumblr, for crying out loud), he needs a birthday gift that's equally cool.

So to celebrate his 51 birthday, we rounded up 25 of our favorite Obama GIFs that we've seen floating around the Internet over the years.

Because nothing says, "Here's to 51 more!" like web art.

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  • Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulders

  • Marshmallows For Mitt

  • Biden Knows What's Up

  • Speakin' In The Rain

  • Locked Out?

  • Free Throw

  • Rawr

  • Cruisin'

  • Deal With It

  • Excuse Me?

  • Graceful Exit

  • Give Him A Hand

  • Master Of The Court

  • Work It

  • First Couple

  • Ping Pong Champ

  • Groovin'

  • Hail To The Chief

  • Hang Ten

  • The Head Bob

  • Invisible Ice Cream Cone?

  • Shake It

  • Babies For Obama

  • Goodbye Fly

  • Fired Up

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